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  1. LCG

    VFX Niagara Realistic Starter VFX Pack 2

    VIDEO DEMO Link: Video All Effects Long: Showcase who own the pack: This pack tries to make your life easier when you start your own project, with all effects you need for the beginning of your development and prototyping. Highly customizable! Type of VFX: Environment, Fire, Destruction...
  2. LCG

    VFX Niagara Advanced Skills

    Game based stylized vfx pack.Prepared with Niagara. It can be used with high FPS. They can be changed very conveniently and their appearance can be changed. There are 21 unique effects in the package. It is prepared with the Niagara system. Generally, dynamic and easily changeable moving...
  3. LCG

    VFX Real Fire Pack 2d Effect Pack

    This Project contain 12 Realistic 2D Fire Effects Loops Preview : Overview: Cascade particles - flipbook textures Color Control Speed Control Emissive Control All the Effect Take any light on your scene so it blends very well You can adjust the fire emissive power in the material easily...
  4. LCG

    VFX Realistic Shockwaves 2d Effects Pack

    This Project contain 10 Realistic Shockwaves 2d Effects Video: Link (] - 10 Shockwaves 2d Effects Cascade Color Control Speed Control Emissive Control - Project Requirement - Unreal Engine 4.26 And Above - Platform : Windows Technical Details Type of Emitters: (CPU, GPU) Number of...
  5. LCG

    VFX Baltic VFX : Magic Circles Toolkit

    Video link : This is a pack of various parts that you can use to quickly put together Niagara magic circles, without going through the hassle of making the meshes, materials or emitters required. It covers most of the basic needs for creating magic circles and you can now create them...
  6. LCG

    VFX Niagara Hologram Aura

    Experiments with hologram reconstraction of Mesh with use Scene Capture, MeshDistanceField. Examples of Niagara fx Technical Details Type of Emitters: GPU Number of Unique Effects: 18 LODs: No Number of Materials: 15 Number of Textures: 0 Number of Blueprints: 2 Number of Unique Meshes: 0...
  7. LCG

    VFX Easy Space VFX

    EasySpaceVFX - contains 3 different style of particle and material effects : Aurora, Particle Sea, Warp Effect. Each effect is modular and You can change any value any time. optimized for PC And VR. Technical Details Features: Aurora Particle Sea Warp Effect Type of Emitters: GPU Number of...
  8. LCG

    VFX Magic Projectiles Vol. 2

    60 Projectiles including Orbs, Spells, Fireballs, Waterballs, Electricballs, Blackholes and more. They are fantastic for PC and Mobile, and for a variety of genres and art styles. They are easy to scale, change color, and can be used in with several characters. Please contact me if you have any...
  9. LCG

    VFX Cinemotion 2 Real Handheld Camera Motion Kit

    Add instant realism & production value to your UE4 cinematics with 98 unique handheld camera motion clips. A simple, standardised library of assets that apply customisable camera motion, directly in the sequencer. Cinemotion gives you fast, realistic cameras for virtual filmmaking, cut-scenes...
  10. LCG

    VFX Energy Ball VFX Pack

    LINK CTFILE DOWN(CODE:4900)👈 Rapidgator 👈
  11. LCG

    VFX Magic Trails

    20 Magic spell trails, all particle system are made in Niagara. 10 Hand or single joint/point trails and 10 full body trails which attaches to skeletal meshes. Demo scene included which has all the effects hooked up to "ThirdPersonCharacter", i add some controls so you can switch between...
  12. LCG

    VFX SplashesFxPack

    24 Splash Effects Technical Details Scale control Type of Emitters: CPU, GPU. Number of Unique Effects: 24 LODs: No Number of Materials: 7 Number of Textures: 9 Number of Unique Meshes: 11 Supported Development Platforms: Windows: Yes LINK CTFILE DOWN(CODE:4900)👈 Rapidgator 👈
  13. LCG

    VFX Sandstorm FX

    "Environment, character, and sound are not included in the package." Showcase: Technical Demo: Walkthrough: SandStorm FX product includes massive Storm, Tornado, sand, smoke dust, and much more effects. By combining Niagara Effect with Blueprint you got simplicity with much more control. All...
  14. LCG

    VFX Levitation FX

    12 Levitation Niagara effects. Just place the Effect on the characters feet inside the Blueprint. Demo scene included which has all the effects hooked up to "ThirdPersonCharacter", i add some controls so you can switch between everything during play. The demo level uses the ThirdPersonTemplate...
  15. LCG

    VFX Magic Explosions

    Video: 16 particle effects, best suited for stylized games with magical explosions Technical Details Technical Details Type of Emitters: CPU mesh emitters Number of Effects: 16 Number of Textures: 22 Number of Materials: 12 Master M, 23 Instance M Number of Meshes: 3 Supported Target Build...
  16. LCG

    Environments 225 Square Km Procedural Forest

    This UE5 pack contains everything you need to create huge open-world forests for your projects. It comes with a smart landscape auto-material with 8 layers (forest floor, cliffs, gravel, dirt, etc), many trees (maple and birch static meshes) and different rocks to create realistic natural and...
  17. LCG

    Environments Ancient Cavern Set I

    The Ancient Cavern Set I - is the first entry of this collection. 46 manually created with care atrocious rocks. Pack features: 46 AAA quality rocks Well optimized LOD’s Efficient usage of packed ORM texture maps 4k textures Each rock uniquely sculpted manually by hand Cave environment for...
  18. LCG

    Environments Undead Lands

    Explore a world filled with a hauntingly dark atmosphere, where the ground is covered with skulls and bones, dead dry vegetation, and rocky cliffs that tower above you. This environment sets the perfect eerie and ominous tone for your next horror or fantasy game project. Purchase now and...
  19. LCG

    Environments Beach Pack

    This pack has everything you need to create a fast and easy beach level for your project! The blueprints have intuitive name parameters, detailed video documentation, and full artistic control in every aspect. All objects are inspired by real life and correctly scaled and we paid close...
  20. LCG

    Environments Brushify - Dunes Pack

    Introducing Brushify 2020: Create sweeping Sand dunes environments with this powerful easy to use pack. Perfect for level designers and environment artists. Contains Brushify Landscape Auto Material. Allow users to paint multiple biomes with ease across huge landscapes. Supports flow mapping...