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Apr 18, 2023

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This is a pack of various parts that you can use to quickly put together Niagara magic circles, without going through the hassle of making the meshes, materials or emitters required. It covers most of the basic needs for creating magic circles and you can now create them hassle-free from the modular assets provided. Some example particle systems are there, which you can customize and reuse at will. The parts are all easily swappable to make fully custom and great-looking Niagara magical effects with minimal effort.
Works on all versions of Unreal from 4.26 onwards, including Unreal 5.

Technical Details​

  • A library of different variations of meshes ready to be used. All sorts of polygons, pentagrams, rune bands with examples of how to use them.
  • Corresponding materials and instances with advanced functionality already set up, and all-new handmade textures where needed
  • 3 Modular example assets that can be easily reused and modified, with simple and powerful user parameters present
Type of Emitters: CPU and GPU
Number of Unique Effects: 3
LODs: No
Number of Materials: 12 master materials + 7 instances
Number of Textures: 15
Number of Unique Meshes: 5 variations (different line thickness) of 17 polygonal shapes, 3 variations of 7 different polygrams (pentagrams, heptagrams etc.), and a few other basic shape meshes with multiple uv channels for all your needs. They can be fitted with either lines, runes, streaks of energy, inserts... Most of the shapes accept most of the materials. However the really thin ones will work better with just a thin line and the wider ones make more sense for rune bands and other types of effects.
Supported Development Platforms:
Windows: Yes
Mac: Yes


un-vfx-0026 (1).jpgun-vfx-0026 (2).jpgun-vfx-0026 (3).jpgun-vfx-0026 (4).jpgun-vfx-0026 (5).jpg
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